5 Luxury Camping Chairs That Make Your Tent Feel Like a Private Lounge

By Bob Jones May28,2023

luxury camping chair

Luxury camping chairs are an ideal way to make any tent feel like your own private lounge, offering comfort features such as padded seats, headrests and cup holders. Not only are these lightweight chairs easy to transport; their stylish designs also ensure you find one to meet your style needs! With multiple styles and colors to choose from there’s sure to be something perfect.

The Kelty Discovery Low loveseat is an ideal solution for couples wanting to sit together. Constructed of hard and durable material yet lightweight enough for easy transport and storage in its carrying bag, this chair comes equipped with a drop-down pocket to protect small valuables as well as shoulder strap for backpacking trips – making it one of the top camping chairs for backcountry trekking.

This chair may be expensive, but it has plenty to offer campers. With its 24 inches wide seat and built-in cooler that can store four cans of beer, as well as mesh cup holder and two mesh pockets for storage, as well as adjustable headrest to give users the proper posture while supporting their necks, this camping chair makes an excellent addition for backcountry hiking trips.

The Alps King Kong camping chair provides comfort and stability. Featuring a 24.5-inch seat that’s wide enough to comfortably support up to 800 pounds, its sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum frame supports your weight while featuring deep no-spill cup holders and phone/stash pockets large enough to hold an iPad.

Setup can be cumbersome and too large for backpackers to carry uphill; however, its compact dimensions make it suitable for car camping. Comprised of an aluminum pole frame supporting nylon/mesh sling seats that slip over them, Rottman and Jimenez describe it as one of the “most effective camping chairs ever invented”.

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The Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury chair is the Cadillac of camping chairs, boasting a free-swinging seat suspended by lightweight poles, as well as an adjustable headrest that can be set at different positions for optimal comfort. Though it was the most comfortable chair we tested, not everyone found it suitable on longer backpacking treks due to its pricey nature and sleek carry bag that sets it apart from cheaper drawstring chairs.

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