Bell and Howell Tac Light Review

By Bob Jones Jun22,2022 #Tac Light

Bell and Howell Tac Light Review

bell and howell tac light

Whether you’re a hunter or an outdoor person, you’ll appreciate the durability and waterproof nature of a Bell and Howell Tac Light. This tactical light is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it extremely resistant to heat and cold. In addition to being water-resistant, Taclights are shock-resistant and don’t break even if you get run over by a car. With so many features to choose from, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

Like most flashlights, the Tac Light is well-built and delivers a powerful beam. You may have seen some of the company’s TV commercials, and Tac Light is no different. However, some brands are produced in China, including Fenix, Led Lenser, and Zebralight, while Tac Light is produced in the United States. The company that manufactures Tac Light also licenses the Tac Light trademark, which is used on other products.

The Tac Light comes with five lighting modes, each with its own distinct function and degree of brightness. It has a push-button for switching between modes, and a sliding compartment at the bottom slides out when a battery is in place. The Tac Light features a zoom-in and zoom-out function, which allows the user to change the light density. This function is located on the top of the light, and it’s adjustable by turning the head clockwise.

The Bell + Howell TacLight is 40x brighter than a regular flashlight, making it an ideal choice for roadside emergencies, camping, and power outages. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, and it can be seen as far as five nautical miles away. Besides being compact, the TacLight has five modes and an SOS function. Additionally, the TacLight is water and freeze-proof, making it a reliable choice for the outdoorsman or camper.

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