Honey Wagon for RV

By Bob Jones Oct10,2023

A honey wagon serves as an essential tool in maintaining RV cleanliness and hygiene. This article delves into the functionality and relevance of a honey wagon for RV owners and renters while also prioritizing the curation of this comprehensive guide that provides you with key things to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free RV experience.

Overview of RV Honey Wagon Service

A valuable solution for managing waste while enjoying an RV adventure, the honey wagon is a service that ensures waste disposal needs are met efficiently.

What Is an RV Honey Wagon

An RV honey wagon is essentially a septic truck or suction truck used to vacuum sewer waste from your RV waste tank and safely transport it to a disposal site. It’s named a “honey wagon” due to its pivotal role in honey bucket waste disposal.

How Does a Honey Wagon Service Work

A honey wagon service employs a tank with a hose that connects to your RV’s sewer valve. The tank extracts the black and gray tanks waste through suction, thereby emptying your tanks without the need for you to tow your RV to a dump station—making it a ‘honey’ of a service for campers!

Benefits and Uses of Honey Wagons

The service is widely preferred for its convenience, particularly in campgrounds and RV parks where sewer hookups might be scarce.

Why Do Some RV Parks Use Honey Wagons

Owing to the large and often packed nature of some parks, full-hookup sites can be limited. RV parks use honey wagons to ensure campers can still enjoy the conveniences of an RV sewer service without having to move their vehicles.

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Where Else Are Honey Wagons Common

Apart from RV parks, honey wagons are common at large gatherings like festivals or remote job sites where portable sanitation units are essential, and regular waste removal is required.

Other Options for Dumping Your RV Waste Tanks with Partial Hookups

Consider other methods such as using portable waste tanks or locating the nearest dump station, each method coming with its pros and cons.

Portable Waste Tanks

Portable waste tanks, also known as RV tote tanks or “blue boys,” are handy when the campsite lacks sewage hookups. They act as a temporary holding tank that you can easily tow to the nearest dump station.

Find the Nearest Dump Station

You can locate and drive your RV to the nearest dump station if the physical condition and road accessibility permits it. But remember, this option can prove inconvenient at times.

Cost of RV Honey Wagon Service

The cost can vary based on the location and might even be included as part of your campground fee. Always remember to ask for information on honey wagon services at your campsite upon arrival.

How Much Does RV Honey Wagon Service Cost

Prices can range from $10 to $50 per service, depending on the campground. Larger RV waste tanks may necessitate additional fees due to the extra work involved in emptying them.

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