Wadi Rum Luxury Camping

By Bob Jones May26,2023

wadi rum luxury camping

Wadi Rum luxury camping offers an ideal way to experience the wilderness of the desert in style. Similar to glamping, luxury tents provide full or limited services within nature’s wild settings – be they permanent camps or temporary ones.

At its heart, camping offers you the best of both worlds: back-to-nature living combined with all the luxuries of an apartment. Many camps provide kitchen facilities where you can prepare your own meals or relax by the fire, as well as lounge areas with fireplaces for relaxation. Some even feature bathrooms equipped with hot showers and bathing options, plus laundry services onsite!

Sun City Camp (8.8) stands out among Wadi Rum’s unique accommodations as an unforgettable tented accommodation option, where guests have their pick between more simple Bedouin tents or an extravagant Martian dome – though admittedly more extravagant dome offers clearer views of the stars than most other accommodations do. Other features make for an enjoyable and unforgettable stay including solar energy-powered tents, a lounge that makes socializing easy before dinnertime, and an on-site restaurant offering traditional Arab fare.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp (8.6) provides an unforgettable desert experience in its striking beauty. Resembling more of a 5* hotel than tent, its decorations and furnishings create an Arabian Nights-like ambience, making this the ideal place for relaxation after sightseeing in Wadi Rum or visiting Petra. Featuring tents as well as dome rooms which all boast panoramic desert and sky views day and night!

There is even a tent where you can enjoy meals or beverages outdoors if the weather allows, while enjoying friendly staff and tasty meals! In addition, tours such as camel rides and jeep excursions as well as stargazing are available here, plus professional telescopes for stargazing with expert guidance.

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No one could deny the beauty and wonder of Wadi Rum is unmatched; whether you prefer luxury camping or something more authentic. Our tents are comfortable yet spacious; meals are delectable; staff friendly and helpful; tours in Wadi Rum can even be booked directly through us – go experience luxury camping for yourself today – you won’t regret it.

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