Healthy Meals For RV Camping

By Bob Jones Mar28,2023


RV camping doesn’t have to mean indulging on junk food. With some careful preparation and some smart planning, you can enjoy nutritious meals while camping without breaking your diet plan.

Begin your RV trip planning by creating a meal plan template with the meals you want to prepare each day. Doing this will allow you to know which ingredients to bring when shopping at the supermarket before leaving.

1. Ground Beef Casserole

For a delicious and straightforward RV meal, ground beef casserole is an ideal choice. Not only does it take little time to make, but you can even prepare ahead and freeze it for later use.

This dish can easily be tailored to incorporate any pasta you have on hand, such as penne, macaroni, or egg noodles. Make sure the pasta has just barely al dente (cooked for one minute), so that it does not become overly soft.

You can make this recipe even more flavorful and satisfying by using canned diced tomatoes or a combination of fresh ingredients. Canned chiles are also an excellent way to add some heat if desired.

Another essential element of this recipe is the sour cream and cheese. The sour cream gives it a creamy, tangy taste while the cheese adds subtle sweetness to the dish. This recipe calls for one cup of sharp Cheddar cheese; however, you could easily substitute with Mexican blend or any other kind of cheese you have on hand.

A helpful tip when baking this casserole is to pre-heat the oven before placing it inside. Doing so will prevent your dish from experiencing the shock of going from freezer to oven, and it will ensure that both meat and sauce cook evenly.

This casserole is simple to make and the ideal meal for a busy weeknight. Your family is sure to love it!

You can freeze this casserole for later and it’s also suitable for the keto diet. You could also make it with leaner ground beef and swap out mozzarella cheese for a low-fat option.

Finally, this casserole can be easily baked while you’re out and about for a quick and convenient meal. The flavorful sauce and cheese will melt together during baking, creating an irresistibly flavorful and filling meal that’s ready in minutes!

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This dish is one of our go-to camping recipes and it’s ideal for feeding a crowd. Feel free to add whatever vegetables you have on hand, making this an easy one-pot meal the whole family will love!

2. Sausage Pepper and Onion Dish

Sausage Pepper and Onion Dish is one of the easiest meals to prepare while camping in your RV. It only takes minutes to prep and cook, making it a one-pan meal that will feed your entire family comfortably.

You can make this recipe with a variety of sausages, such as chicken, turkey or kielbasa. The key is cooking them until browned on both sides – this will cause the exterior to crisp while keeping the inside juicy.

Save yourself some time by purchasing pre-cooked sausage links at your local grocer or grocery store. Not only will this reduce cooking time, but the meat will be cooked thoroughly throughout.

Once the sausages are cooked, remove them from the pan and set aside. Place sliced onions and bell peppers into the same pan as well, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, stir to coat evenly then cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until peppers and onions have softened slightly.

Next, add garlic and red wine to the pan. Give it a quick stir before scraping away any brown bits at the bottom of the pan.

By adding garlic and wine to sausage and vegetables, you can enhance their flavor. For a fiery kick, sprinkle some red pepper flakes overtop for extra kick.

Serve this delicious dish over polenta, pasta or even on a hoagie roll – whatever way you serve it, everyone is sure to love it!

If you have leftovers, freezing them for later is a great option. Just be sure to let them cool completely before placing in the freezer.

Another option is to use an air fryer to cook the sausage peppers and onions. In this case, you’ll want to skip using oil and simply toss in all of your veggies before baking them.

You could bake the sausage and peppers on a sheet pan for an even more flavorful dinner. For added convenience, you could also add Jiffy cornbread or corn fritters to this recipe for extra flavorful side dishes.

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3. Potato Curry

Potato curry is an iconic Indian dish that provides a satisfying and hearty meal. The spices in this recipe add warmth and fragrance to the dish that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. It can be served over hot steamed rice or alongside rotis for a filling snack any time of day.

Begin by warming oil in a large pot, and adding diced onion. Saute until the onions have become translucent. Stir in garlic, ginger, and spices; stirring until flavors combine and cooking for several minutes.

Once the mixture is fragrant, add the potatoes and broth. Raise the heat before reducing it slightly and covering the pot. Allow this mixture to simmer for several minutes in order to soften the potatoes.

After about 15 minutes, remove the lid from the pot and stir in coconut milk, tomatoes, and chickpeas. Cover and allow to simmer uncovered until potatoes are tender and curry has thickened.

To enhance the flavor of this dish, you can add some bell peppers to the curry when almost finished cooking. Just be sure to cook peas and bell peppers for only a few minutes before adding them to the curry.

Once the peas and bell peppers are cooked, add them to the pot with potatoes. Mix thoroughly, adjust salt according to personal preference, and garnish with cilantro for serving.

This dish is ideal for RV camping – easy to prepare and requires minimal cleanup. Plus, it’s healthy and packed with protein so you can feel good about eating it.

You can store this curry in an airtight container for up to four days. To reheat, simply warm the curry in a microwave or pan over medium heat until it’s piping hot.

One of the advantages of RV cooking is that you can prepare meals ahead of time and enjoy them whenever you please. For instance, if you enjoy potato curry, simply make extra and store in your fridge for later.

4. Hummus and Avocado Wraps

For a healthy and portable lunch that you can take on the go, hummus and avocado wraps are an ideal choice. They take only minutes to make and taste delicious; plus, you can customize them with whatever veggies you have on hand!

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The great thing about these wraps is that they can easily be packed up and taken on your road trip or camping adventure. Plus, they can even be reheated for a quick meal on the go!

Make these delicious hummus and avocado wraps by spreading 2 tablespoons of hummus onto each tortilla. Next, arrange some leafy greens over top the hummus before topping with avocado slices. Finally, roll up the tortilla tightly and secure with toothpicks for a fast wrap that’s packed full of nutrition!

These vegan hummus and avocado wraps can be tailored to suit any dietary preference. They’re great for work potlucks as a fast, convenient way to have a nutritious lunch.

Hummus can be found in most grocery stores. Made with chickpeas, garlic and olive oil, they provide you with protein, fiber and other essential nutrients.

They make for an excellent addition to any meal and will give you the energy you need to get through your day. For extra nutrition and flavor, add in some pieces of fruit like apples, bananas or blueberries.

When traveling, it’s essential to have a variety of meals ready. Whether you’re taking a road trip, camping out over the weekend, or RVing for the week, having healthy and delicious food should be top of mind.

One of the simplest ways to stay on track with your diet is by prepping meals ahead of time. Not only will this save you time in the long run, but it can make camping much more enjoyable as well.

When planning a hiking or backpacking adventure, pack some energy-boosting sack meals to stay fueled throughout the day. Include fresh produce like veggies and protein-rich foods along with complex carbs for sustained energy during intense physical exertion.

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