Alpenglow Luxury Camping Lantern Review

By Bob Jones Jun6,2023

Lanterns may seem like one of the more uninspiring items on your camping checklist, but BioLite’s rechargeable light is anything but. Combining fun with functionality for an incredible light show that rivals the aurora borealis!

AlpenGlow comes in two sizes, the AlpenGlow 250 and 500. Both offer similar light modes and brightness (500 lumens), but only the larger model has an exclusive Fireworks mode that lights up its lantern with multicolored brightness. You can operate both AlpenGlows multiple ways: pressing or holding down on top button cycles through white/warm light settings while holding down button for longer cycles through color modes; an accelerometer detects when shaking of lantern activates one-sided lighting, candlelight flicker, single color cycling or even quick flashes of multicolor brightness!

BioLite offers an economical yet equally effective option to those looking for some color and ambience on their campsite: the Black Diamond Moji Lantern is less bright, yet provides color-changing dimming capabilities and features such as double hook suspension for simple setup in tents or campsites.

AlpenGlow’s AlpenGlow lantern is not only fun and practical; its attractive design also stands out as a stunning piece of gear, seamlessly merging lantern aesthetics with sleek modern lamp elements. Although challenging at first to operate, once you master its various settings it becomes worth your while for camping or entertaining at home or away!

Alpenglow Luxury Camping, nestled just down the trail from MICA Guides Base and boasting spectacular views of Matanuska Glacier, offers true Alaskan comfort in large canvas tents equipped with cedar decks. Relax in their wood burning hot tub while taking in glacier views, luxurious beds and an incredible breakfast buffet – the ideal place to rest after exploring Alaska!

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