California Luxury Camping

By Bob Jones Apr24,2023

california luxury camping

California offers an abundance of incredible landscapes and national parks to explore, including Yosemite’s cascading waterfalls to the volcanic terrain of Lassen National Park – you will experience a vast array of natural wonders on your camping trip that will leave lasting impressions! For an even more unforgettable getaway, glamping could be the way to go instead of staying in an RV or tent!

Glamping offers an exceptional way to experience all that California has to offer while remaining comfortable and stylish. Glamping accommodations can be found across California at various sites for you to truly get away from it all and reconnect with nature.

Big Sur is home to an abundance of luxury camping sites, providing all the amenities of a hotel without the hassle of packing and unpacking. These places all boast breathtaking ocean views and are nearby some of the region’s most acclaimed beaches.

Plaskett Creek in the Santa Lucia Mountains is one of Big Sur’s premier glamping locations, and for good reason. Close proximity to Sand Dollar Beach combined with its dramatic clifftop setting offers breathtaking oceanfront views during your stay here.

Ventana Big Sur stands out as a top glamping site with both rustic-chic suites and luxurious camping tents. Additionally, this resort provides all sorts of amenities including gourmet breakfasts, pool access and daily yoga classes.

If you prefer more traditional camping experiences, there are numerous choices available as well. Some camps feature cabins equipped with fireplaces and king beds; others boast yurts or treehouses designed with both comfort and nature in mind.

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Yurts are an increasingly popular canvas cabin type that’s in high demand at yoga retreats, hot springs, beach canyons, remote lakes, redwood forests and fishing camps across California. Each yurt typically comes equipped with a queen bed and comfortable linens for sleeping as well as fire pits and patio areas for extra enjoyment.

Caravans are another popular option for group road trips and can provide everything they need – kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom included!

Luxury caravan rentals provide all of the comforts of home on any journey, making sure that you have an incredible journey experience! Perfect for couples or groups of friends on weekend excursions.

This vehicle provides everything a traveler could possibly need: kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping space for six people! Additionally, heating and air conditioning ensure maximum comfort during any season of the year.

Rent this luxurious caravan for several days or a week to explore all that California has to offer! There are so many incredible destinations worth seeing; this caravan rental provides the ideal way of traversing California!

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