Starry Nights Luxury Camping on the Sunshine Coast

By Bob Jones Jan30,2023

Starry Nights is a luxury camping property on the Sunshine Coast. It is a family effort that has taken three years to come to fruition. A visit to the property is a must if you are looking for a fun-filled stay in a beautiful setting. This tented camp is the perfect base for an extended stay in the region. Located a short distance from the town centre of Montville, this is a great place to relax, unwind and get in the mood to enjoy the surrounding area.

The Starry Nights tents are designed to be as close to nature as possible. You will find a number of interesting features, including a freestanding bathtub and rain shower. They are also equipped with a few other niceties, including a kitchenette, seating area and a fully equipped refrigerator. One of the more unusual aspects of the site is that you can also access a sauna and a barbecue, as well as free private parking.

starry night luxury camping

One of the more fun features of the site is the Starry Nights Guest Lounge. While the site is a bit secluded, the lounge is a haven for fun and laughter. The site is home to a small herd of resident chickens, which supply a constant supply of eggs. In addition to the usual suspects, several species of birds have made the quaint little guesthouse their home.

Starry Nights Luxury Camping offers several novelty items, including a king sized bed, a hand carved stone basin and a roaring fire. There are also two toilets and a sink, along with a fridge and microwave. All of the units are 75 square metres, making them big enough for two people to fit comfortably.

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The Starry Nights tents boast a number of other amenities, such as a large awning and a swanky fireplace. These are all on display in the Starry Nights tents, which are located on a raised platform of recycled barn floor wood. During the summer months, the tents are insulated for maximum comfort.

Another cool thing about the site is its proximity to the Sunshine Coast Maroochydore airport, which is only a few kilometers away. Those flying from Brisbane can expect a trip time of about one hour. From there, you can explore the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and its various attractions. Other options include a day out at one of the many beautiful beaches on the coast.

Starry Nights Luxury Camping offers something for everyone, whether you are traveling with family or on your own. You can enjoy a meal in the onsite restaurant or a bbq while enjoying the scenery and starry nights. As for the best way to spend your vacation, you can’t go wrong by staying at the Starry Nights site. Several other sites on the Sunshine Coast are a bit more touristy, but the tranquility of the Starry Nights site is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite its modest size, the suites at the site are surprisingly spacious, which is a nice change from other yurts and glamping experiences.

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